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<transcy>LILA LOVES IT - Silver Spray Aloe Vera +</transcy>


LILA LOVES IT - Silver Spray Aloe Vera +

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Antiseptic wound treatment - fast and effective 1st aid with MicroSilver

LILA LOVES IT- SILVER SPRAY + Aloe Vera is used to treat injuries, wounds, skin abrasions or after surgery and is sprayed directly on the skin area to be protected. This treatment is easy and absolutely painless and can be performed over a large area. Even used for eczema and fungal infections, Silver Spray Aloe Vera + is a reliable support for skin regeneration.

Hyaluron, Aloe Vera and micro silver - our proven Wound Protection Trio!

Hyaluron acts as a "turbo" booster in the development of new skin structures. With an exceptionally strong ability to bind water 7000x to its own weight, hyaluronic acid thus improves the exchange of moisture and nutrients during wound healing.

In addition to its anti-inflammatory properties, Hyaluron improves the cellular activity of the skin.
Aloe Vera is also known for its anti-inflammatory effect. It soothes irritated skin and helps with wound healing.

Micro Silver is mild antiseptic and remains detectable on the skin after application on the surface without penetrating the skin.

SILVER SPRAY by LILA LOVES IT - An indispensable helper for any pet owner.

Quantity per bottle: 50 ml

Shelf life: After opening, 12 months.

100% vegan

Must be shaken before use. Afterwards, apply evenly over a large area so that the entire affected area is covered. Apply 1-3 times daily.

It is recommended to apply FIRST AID conditioner for best results after spraying SILVER SPRAY + Aloe Vera.


Ingredients according to INCI: Aloe barbadensis Gel *, propanediol, glycerol, SILVER (micronized), sodium hyaluronate, sodium citrate, xanthan gum, CITRIC ACID

* From organic farming