<transcy>Spiral in Eco-rope</transcy>
<transcy>Spiral in Eco-rope</transcy>


Spiral in Eco-rope

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The eco-cotton fabric from Treusinn is a perfect alternative to stick and the like. With the versatile play rope, the dog can be used to the fullest when it comes to searching, hiding or pulling play regardless of age or physical condition. This durable rope is made of 100% cotton and free of dangerous substances, which makes it ideal for puppies, young dogs and older dogs. In addition, the material has a dental care effect.

TIP: Moist cotton toys are great for puppies getting teeth and for relieving the pain. This can be done by putting the ball in the fridge or freezer. The ball is made of 100% cotton.

Material: Robust Nature Rope- Eco. 100% cotton

Maintenance: Machine wash at 30 g.


L - 38 cm length, Ø approx. 4 cm