<transcy>SeeScoutSleep - Martingale</transcy>
<transcy>SeeScoutSleep - Martingale</transcy>


SeeScoutSleep - Martingale

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This beautiful martingale necklace is specially created for the real Harry Houdini out there. The Martingale collar makes it difficult for the dog to slide free, as our martingale tightens easily when the dog pulls on a leash, but not so much that it will suffocate the dog or injure the neck in any way.

It is super strong, feels soft and comfortable on the skin keeps its shape and does not stretch like other natural fibers do. It is easy to clean, dries quickly and is naturally resistant to mold. Reinforced seams at all stress points for extra strength

Material: 100% hemp ribbon, brass buckles of high quality.