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Vuku Single Buffet

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Stylish, elegant and absolute irresistible are the new bowls from LABBVENN

Labbvenn's masterpiece of a dog bowl VUKU also comes with a wooden serving tray, which adds a little extra * WOW * to the whole set.

The ideally shaped bowl is made of a material that is exceptionally stylish with a fantastic Urban Touch.

VUKU is coated with an impregnating agent of the highest quality, of course with a corresponding restrictive nutrition certificate.

The oak base gives a little extra elegance and makes the VUKU single buffet the perfect choice for the style-conscious dog owner.

VUKU is made of architectural concrete and in the color white and 2 different sizes.

S: Ø15cm / 0.4L

M: Ø22cm / 1.1L

Tree care:

Base made of the best oak.

Covered with 3 layers of impregnation that protects against water and moisture.

No dishwasher safe

Wipe with a wet cloth to keep the wood base clean

Do not store wood on wet surfaces.

Bowl care:

Pores (air bubbles) can be on the bowl surface and this is a natural effect of the concrete material.

The bowl is covered with a special impregnating agent, which is certified (according to LFGB) and has approval for food contact and feeding of animals.

After a while, water stains may appear, which is a natural charm of the concrete.

- Not dishwasher safe

- Clean with natural cleaners that do not contain acid