<transcy>LILA LOVES IT BRUSH short coat</transcy>
<transcy>LILA LOVES IT BRUSH short coat</transcy>



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LILA LOVES IT's brush BRUSH SHORT HAIR - makes short coats shine!

Taking care of the dog also includes regular brushing and grooming.

The brush removes dandruff and dirt while gently massaging the skin. This brush, which is made of oiled beech wood, is optimal in the hand and is held by a flexible band on the back.

The function is known from equestrian sports: The brush lies directly in the hand, and the pressure and intensity of brushing can be better dosed.

The SHORT HAIR model is particularly suitable for adding shine to the coat, as well as for removing foreign bodies and dirt, thanks to its built-in brass brushes.

The soft brushes provide a soothing massage effect when brushing. Even puppies and young dogs get used to brushing in a comfortable way.

Regular brushing not only ensures a healthy and shiny coat, but also strengthens the bond between animal and human.

Made in Germany.